Hi! My name is Anna, also known as The Moza. After living in Dubai and Berlin, I'm currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, working here as UX designer. I'm interested in all things design, technology, sustainability, politics, and how those connect.

Hi! My name is Anna, also known as The Moza. After living in Dubai and Berlin, I'm currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, working here as a product designer. I'm interested in all things design, technology, sustainability, politics, and how those connect.


UX Design including strategy, user research, prototyping, Interaction & UI Design;
Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design methods; workshop facilitation & teaching;
Motion Design; Information Visualization; Editorial & Corporate Design


Prototyping: Sketch; InVision; Figma; Framer; Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Motion: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro; Principle
Code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript



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UX Design  2016 - 2020

For four years, I was the UX Designer on the Paliscope team, responsible for all things user research, interaction and UI design. It was an exciting experience being on board from the very beginning, learning about prospective users, building a design system, and seeing the application to launch (April 2018) and beyond. Learn more here

Take a Leap

Mobile Game  January 2016

Honeycomb ATS

Interaction Design +UI  June 2016

Tilepad App

Mobile Design  September 2013

Alternative OS

Concept Animation  November 2015


Info Sharing Concept  October 2015

Spotify Friend Visualization

Web Design  March 2015


Augmented Reality Concept  October 2015

Baustoff App

Mobile Design  August 2013

Beate Müller-Gemmeke

Web Design  June 2013

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UX Design  2016 - 2020

For four years, I was the UX Designer on the Paliscope team, responsible for all things user research, interaction and UI design. It was an exciting experience being on board from the very beginning, learning about prospective users, building a design system, and seeing the application to launch (April 2018) and beyond. Learn more here

Take a Leap

Mobile Game  Jan 2016

Take A Leap is a collaborative 2D platform game, where a character runs from left to right and jumps off platforms to reach lower ground. Users play the game together by aligning phones so that the character lands on a new platform and can continue forward. Before it jumps over to the next screen, the users have to sync the smartphones with a pinch motion to align the world. If they fail to “catch” the character the game is over. It works for two or more players and devices.

With Take a Leap we have created an instant, mobile playground that you can carry around in your pocket and that connects the digital with the physical world in the most entertaining way to burst your mobile bubble!

Design and animations: Anna
Programming: Simon, Alex, and Marcus.

Honeycomb ATS

Interaction Design +UI  June 2016

Software Skills, a recruitment company in Gothenburg, wanted to unify and expand their current way of managing applicants. The new solution was to support the work of the recruiters (primary stakeholders), but also be adaptable for client companies to utilize for their hiring processes in-house (secondary stakeholders), while taking into account the users on the other side of the system: the applicants.

The design process was based on the iterative HCD approach whereby we cycled through various phases (inspiration, ideation, implementation, and evaluation) several times. Some methods employed were: SME interviews, contextual inquiry, benchmark analysis, requirements mindmap, rapid prototyping, wireframes, click-prototype, usability testing, validation scenarios, and styletiles; the combined findings resulted in pixel-perfect mockups for key screens and a detailed styleguide.

The thus developed applicant tracking system (ATS) has an integrated dashboard, supports creation and management of job ads, handling of candidate progress and information, powerful search and filter options, and built-in message inbox. Special focus was given to team awareness functionalities (e.g. activity logs, notes, voting and review) and the sharing and storage of supplemental data collected throughout the hiring process, so the recruitment team has a common understanding of why decisions are taken.

Sign up for a trial at softwareskills.se to check out the product. My partner in crime for this project was Johannes


Mobile Design  Sept 2013

TilePad is a presentation and consultation tool used by employees at Fliesen Kemmler, a big chain of tile stores in Southern Germany. Each employee has a personal login, that leads them to a cockpit screen, where they have an overview of upcoming appointments, new products, sales statistics, or can start a new consultation. A major part of the iPad app is the consultation questionnaire to establish the client's wishes and requirements. As the interface will be seen and used by both employee and client during the session, illustrations as interactive surface to increase visibility and maintain interest throughout the process.

The app also contains product catalogues, info about the manu- facturers, a drawing pad, detailed sales statistics, calendar, order form, inspiration galleries, and business news, just to name a few. Resources for iOS7 standards – especially for the iPad – were scarce prior the launch of the software update, but working closely with the developers helped us reach a great result. On top of creating the mockup for each screen, I visualized some action-based animations with After Effects.

Creative Direction by Aleks & Shantu.

Alternative OS

Concept Animation  Nov 2015

We are so used to the endeavour of launching our computers that we don’t question the process that occurs and what sort of information we are exposed to here. What if we used this time to provide the user with a more personalized and useful experience?

This project was created in a three-day sprint and turned out to be its own limited operating system, restricting functions and possibilities for multitasking, avoiding distractions and thus leading to more productive work.

Bella Stellaria

Board game  May 2015

Space! The final frontier! Take command of a fleet of starcrafts and secure the future of humankind. Explore, expand, eliminate your foes. Take advantage of the uncertainties of space, but beware of hidden dangers. You are the representative of one of the Big Six, massive organisations, venturing out from a dying Earth to occupy Kepler-22B. But you are not alone. Others are on the same quest. In order to succeed you will have to engage in thrilling space combat, use the resources you capture from your enemies against them as you expand your fleet of spacecrafts.

Different game mechanics such as movement with dice, combat through rock-paper-scissors, capture, resource management, and area control are employed to create a compelling play experience with a wide range of tactic possibilities. To develop the idea into a full-fledged game, we undertook several rounds of prototyping and playtesting, iterated on the rules, the starting and winning conditions, background story, setting, and design.


Information Sharing Concept  Oct 2015

This project was a cooperation with the Fire and Rescue Service Gothenburg. Our design challenge was to optimize the communication between the command center and the incident commander on-site, while trying to keep novel technology and extra tasks at a minimum. In line with our HCD process, We undertook a wide range of methods, for example, contextual inquiries, co-design session with incident commanders, rapid prototyping, usability testing, SWOT analysis, business model canvas and more.

Our solution integrates the whiteboards already in place with an app that scans and sends the content of the whiteboard, recognized by unique QR codes, to the command center with just one tap. No extra technology is added (the incident commander already uses a tablet with a camera), instead existing infrastructure is connected. Also, visual information is supplemented to the frequent verbal radio communication and a log for later reference is automatically created.

For more information visit instaboard.tk.

Spotify Friend Visualization

Web Design  March 2015

This web app lets you compare your Spotify behaviour with your friends. Select a friend to battle against and see your stats in different categories. Like which one of you is the Hipster (listening to songs with low playrate), who is the Giver (most shared playlists), or the Superstar (most followers). This fun service uses the Spotify API to pull data that is publically available and creates a score for both users and each category accordingly that is presented in a onepager.

Concept, Design, and Coding implemented as part of a group project with Pierre and Malin.

Wiso: Wer verdient an?

Motion Design  July 2015

This is a compilation of a three part animation, titled 'Who earns money from traffic, from our data, and from garbage' shown on the German television show 'ZDF Wiso'. The vector graphics were created in Illustrator and then animated in After Effects.

Creative Direction by Aleks & Shantu, animation by Ben Pripad.

Baustoff App

Mobile Design  Aug 2013

Kemmler is a big chain of hardware stores in Southern Germany. The app, which is intended as B2B to be used by professionals in the construction sector, lists all available products, these can be searched, filtered, saved to favorites, bar code scanned, and ordered via the user's individual login. I devised the general look, in adherence to the companies existing corporate design, and made a pixel-perfect Photoshop mockup for every single view, for iPhone, Android, and jQuery-based web app.
Having only dealt with mobile devices from the Apple family, I had to learn about the affordances of the Android system from scratch, which I've come to appreciate in the process and had a lot of fun creating custom icons for. Another challenge was designing in the iOS7 style three months prior to it being released. With bits and pieces of visual and written references and some educated guesswork I managed to puzzle the standards together quite well.

Creative Direction by Aleks & Shantu.

Beate Müller-Gemmeke

Web Design  June 2013

Beate Müller-Gemmeke is Member of Parliament for the Green Party, who needed a new online presence for the upcoming elections. It is a content-heavy site, with updates posted daily and many different categories and links. Therefore, we spent a substantial amount with the client, restructuring and reorganizing the existing content to make the start page neat, yet retaining quick access to all important features.
The menu is combined with the feature slider, which is used to link to important and current topics. The omnipresent sidebar contains the search, further links, and twitter feed, while the main content happens next to it. Depending on the subpage, it displays article indexes, the article permalinks, image galleries, calendar, contact form, and so on.

Creative Direction by Aleks & Shantu.


Web Design  May 2013

We redesigned the website of MeoClinic, a renowned private clinic in Berlin, to give it a clean and elegant look. This was achieved with generous white space, the introduction of a graceful font, and a heavy focus on developing a classy, yet contemporary way of treating images. Excess clutter was eliminated, giving the main content enough room and establishing a clear hierarchy for quick and easy use. The icon bar on the right side provides one-click access to the most urgent information.
To provide an optimal mobile browsing experience, I also designed the mobile site.

Creative Direction by Aleks & Shantu.

Double, Double Talk and Twaddle

Information Visualisation
Jan 2012

In the month of December 2011 for thirty days I recorded every bit of live conversation that I’ve conducted, which includes the three categories Face-to-face interactions, phone and skype conversations, and online chats. On top of that, I’ve kept count of topics, keywords, people and their respective locations.

The main visual is made up of circles, each representing one person. The color depends on whether the person is a relative, friend or colleague, its intensity on the path of communication.

WE Mag

iPad Magazine  July 2012

WE Mag is a magazine/iPad platform that I conceived as the practical part of my bachelor thesis. The written thesis focused on Mobile Assisted Language Learning, which led to the idea for an app collecting manifestations of language, that are inherently rooted in its respective culture. Therefore, WE Mag collects articles, images, audio, and video from different cultures, categorized according to language. People can submit their texts, photographs etc., which are then polished by the editorial staff to ensure continuous high quality of content. This way, the knowledge and opinions of many different people converge to form one big diverse cloud of culture in a crowd sourced magazine, that can be added to infinitely.


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